Out into the natural surroundings


The Wilder Kaiser sits enthroned high above the hotel and invites you to fully immerse yourself in the natural surroundings . Here in the mountains, the air is fresh and clear and the landscape provides plenty of space to forget about the daily grind. Whether it is swimming in the hotel’s own natural swimming pond, running about in the play area, hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter in the surrounding area.

Hotel with playground Tyrol

Just being a child

In today's era our little ones are much too occupied with technological devices. Sometimes it even seems like they have forgotten how to use creativity in play. The ‘Bullerby Idyll’ around the Hotel Kaiser invites them to really be children again.


"Want to run with me?"

Jump up high

on the trampoline and imagine yourself getting up to the clouds. Try to do a somersault on the swing. Really splash about with the water games in the garden - keep your eyes peeled! And when winter sets in, that white blanket that lies over the landscape tempts you out to build a family of snowmen, set up an igloo or organise a proper snowball fight . Children against adults of course.

Train your senses

Learning how to play and explore in a fun way

On hot days our natural swimming pond provides welcome variety. Those of you who do your laps here can listen to the buzzing of the bees, watch the dragonflies and keep watch to see the lilies in the reeds. Nature and people must be in balance, so the water doesn’t tip over. All Kaisers have a direct influence on this. A few metres further on there are fresh herbs waiting to be sampled. How good would they taste on the potatoes at dinner? In the enclosure that is directly adjoining the garden, lambs wobble clumsily on their little legs, tightly pushed into mother sheep. And can you stroke them?

As well as the Kaiser.Garden the natural surroundings are there waiting for you to explore. Summer and winter alike the region has so much to offer.

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